Free History Games, Lessons, Worksheets, and Educational Video Content for Social Studies Teachers



The social studies department of WideOpenSchool has a wide range of instructional tools to utilise with your students both in and out of class. Free historical games, lectures, worksheets, apps, films, and activities are among them. You can search for resources by grade (preschool-12) or type (activity, article/ebook, audio, lesson, video, website/app, and worksheet). You can view the material by clicking on the embedded link once you’ve found it. You can also send it via email, as a generated link, or directly to Google Classroom by clicking the ‘Send’ option.

WideOpenSchools’ social studies resources come from a variety of educational websites, including NASA, PBS Learning Media, BrainPop, Common Sense, Time for Kids, and others. You might wish to spend some time there looking through the resources and providing comments to us.

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