Waterfi SwimActive Waterproof
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Waterfi SwimActive Waterproof


SwimActive Waterproof Headphones by Waterfi Short Cord, Sleek Design, Memory Wire Technology, and Soft Silicone Tips | The Best Swimming Headphones Flipturns and wipeouts are handled with special care.

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Brand Waterfi \sColor Blue
Plastic is a water-resistant material with a high level of water resistance.
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WATERPROOF DOWN TO 10 FEET (IPX8 compliant), making it the ideal companion for waterproof iPods and MP3 players.
HYDRODYNAMIC DESIGN WITH ZERO DRAG AND A 12 INCH CORD that fits into any standard headphone jack
MEMORY WIRE TECHNOLOGY moulds and secures to the ear, so you can concentrate on the music or the swim rather than fiddling with your buds.
4 SIZES OF SOFT SILICONE TIPS designed for the greatest and most comfortable seal after over a year of testing with swimmers
Waterfi offers a 30-day no-risk guarantee.


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