Using your iPad for the first time

When it comes to the iPad, we at Sussex TEL frequently write and publish blog pieces about new and intriguing apps, video recording methods, and iPad teaching and learning applications.

However, while all of these features are fantastic and valuable to many people, we suddenly realised that we may have overlooked the stage of getting started with the iPad, which is where others may be.

We hope that this blog article, combined with the upcoming ‘Getting Started with Your iPad’ session on March 27, 2015, will reach out to anyone who has been stuck in iPad purgatory and needs assistance.

Returning to the Basics
Let’s begin from the beginning. An iPad is seen in the diagram below, which is labelled.

If you hold the iPad so that the home button is at the bottom, the main on/off button is located above the top right hand corner. Because the iPad’s main surface is a touch screen, it features extremely few buttons.

After turning on your iPad, you may use this button to put it on standby (sleep) or switch it off completely by holding it down and swiping right on the display when prompted.

Other features on the iPad’s exterior include:

Two microphones, one for recording clearer sound from different directions and the other for capturing clearer sound from the same direction.
Two volume buttons for increasing/decreasing the volume of any audio coming from the device, as well as a separate button to mute the device
Built-in speakers or a separate sound system


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